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Was kann ich Ihnen als Interim Manager bieten?

My passion is to forming and leading teams that improve company results in short time – even in disruptive situations. Typical challenges my clients - in 🇩🇪 🇨🇭 or 🇵🇱 - are facing when I join their team are: - How to make use of digital driven change in the retail landscape in my business? - How to generate and maximize additional profitable turnover and margin through D2C and E-com? - How can we grow in a disruptive environment? - How can I transfer core-competences of my organization from existing to digital channels? - How to improve my results? - How can I motivate my team and retain key personnel? Every success starts with creating a shared understanding of the situation. A shared understanding is the result of a process involving the whole team in an honest, data based and transparent analysis of the entire company and a corresponding evaluation of options for improvement. I make sure that honesty is truly possible within the team. Mutual RESPECT and TRANSPARENCY are key for creating TRUST! On that base the team evaluates the most effective levers to improve the situation and works out corresponding projects and tasks. Essential in this phase is making sure the team has a shared view on where the organization is aiming for (VISION) and what the way is to getting there (STRATEGY). This especially is important for making decisions on where to allocate resources and - even more important- where not to do so (FOCUS!) I am a big friend using agile techniques like SCRUM, ensuring motivated teams generating fast results. They are helpful for getting projects properly prioritized and – even more important - resources allocated appropriately. During change and transformation of an organization conflicts of interests among stakeholders are common and often inevitable. I dedicate a lot of energy in communicating priorities to stakeholders in order to grant that decisions can be taken fast. In the digital transformation of established companies is particularly evident: approaches for the digital business are usually obvious, but often conflict with the established business, in which, however, a large part of the margin is still generated. The shared understanding is key to overcome this challenge with intensive communications. As soon as the first successes are MEASURABLE, they are followed by a real surge of motivation in the team, which inspires team spirit and drives the entire organization forward. Leading this process as an interim manager does ensure that I myself remain solely committed to the success of your company. Until recently I was CEO of - a family business in Switzerland, Germany and Poland - which I was able to lead to new bests in only 3 years. In addition to traditional levers like cost optimization and product innovation, the development of e-commerce and agile leadership led to success.

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I am looking for my next challenge as CEO of a medium-sized industrial group in 🇩🇪 🇨🇭 🇵🇱 that I can lead through digital transformation. Of particular interest are industrial companies in Switzerland, Germany or Poland, where I have more than 18 years of experience as Managing Director/CEO, of which more than 10 years in PE environment and more than 5 years in family businesses. MBO/MBI/investment/succession prospects are particularly attractive. For further details please see my profile on linkedin or my resume. I am available to start January 1, 2022. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Yours sincerely Lorenz Dietsche

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